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DIY Kyoto at home

Picture_1 Remember the Electrisave, the penny-saving gadget that tells you how much electricity you're splurging? Well, it has a rival coming soon, brilliantly dubbed the DIY Kyoto. Unlike the Electrisave, this one's designed to be installed in your pad by experts - a good thing for people who like me, who get scared at attaching devices to their electricity meters. I'm just checking now with the DIY Kyoto now to get an idea of how much it'll cost. [Adam]

16/02/06 Update: As DIY Kyoto has quite rightly pointed out, this post has several sloppy inaccuracies. For one, the electricity-measuring gadget is called the WATTSON, not the DIY Kyoto.  More importantly, it's designed - like the Electrisave - for DIY installation without the use of experts. Orders for the WATTSON are being taken starting next month, when a bespoke unit similar to the one pictured will be selling for £350. A far cheaper mass market version is due this autumn.

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