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Tgp20920outside The latest issue (9) of The Green Parent magazine is out now and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.  This is an indispensible read for Hippyshopper parents or parents to be. Read about the joy of keeping chickens, check out their compilation of guilt free shoes and read an interesting article on alternative schooling.  Plus there's a free green kids supplement exploring wind power with experiments to try.  A copy costs £2.50 and the magazine is published bi-monthly.  You can also buy back issues via the website. Issue 8 considered biodynamic wines and baby massage. Truly one of the best green reads out there! [written by Ella]

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To Whom It May Concern;

There is so much in the news today regarding adoption and every time you turn around a movie star is adopting a child from an international country. Many families who have biological children also adopt. Below is my story of being a birth mother and coming full circle to know the love of adoption. If you would be interested in an article for your magazine, please call me at
1-248-276-9313/home or 1-248-705-0476/cell. I am attaching photos of both myself, adopted daughter and birthdaughter. The one birthday picture with the little dog is the dog that is in the 'Sophia' book and there is a stuffed animal that looks like him for purchase also. Thank you for reviewing this.

Best regards,

Mary Beth Wells

My journey with adoption began as a young girl when I became pregnant in high

school and relinquished my daughter for adoption. My parents felt that adoption was

the only option as I was still in high school. My sister Caryn and I went out to CA with

my parents and were set up in a furnished apartment. My sister would work ths summer in the

photography studio that my father was affiliated with.

My daughter’s birth was at a time when a young girl’s cries went unnoticed. The nurses were

cold and whispered while looking at me. The Dr. broke my wter and they never changed my

sheets. When I cried for them to bring my sister to me, they didn't. My door was closed and the

lights were out except for a tiny night light. The bars were up around the bed like I was in a crib

or to be more exact--a prison. I was being punished for being a young unwed teenager. A nun

told me (it was a Catholic hospital) that I had better beg God's forgiveness because in His eyes I

was seen as a slut. I never saw my daughter nor held her in my arms. They moved me to

another floor so I couldn’t go to her and they kept me sedated when I cried that I wanted my

baby. There was no counseling then like there would be today. My attorney called me in the

hospital to tell me that the adoptive parents were so excited that if a plane would get them

there quicker they would take one.

My heart ached for my daughter as the years passed. I talked with my family about

doing a search for her and they were all supportive of the idea. My family and I

attended support meetings for adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptee’s. I came

away with the feeling that my search not only had purpose but that it would help to

heal all the parties involved.

I had no information on the adoptive family so that made it more difficult to try and

put everything together. I worked diligently on it and finally located the family in CA

where my daughter had been born. The first time I ever saw my daughter was from a

high school year book that I ordered and it was like looking into a mirror. All the years

prior, I could never put a face to her and was amazed that she looked so much like me!

I checked with a local detective agency to make sure that I had indeed located the

right family and they asked me how I managed to come up with all the information

and even offered me a job!

My parents, Caryn and I flew to CA with high hopes of meeting my birth daughter . I sent a

telegram to the adoptive parents telling them who I was and asking if we could meet with them.

They came to our hotel but were not happy that we had come into their lives. They didn’t want

me to know my daughter. She was not quite 17 and they were having normal teenage

problems with her. I abided with their wishes and returned to MI. The problem was they never

wanted me to know my daughter. They took out a restraining order on me and my family until

my daughter was 18. When she turned 18, I went back out to C, once again with hopes of

meeting her. I located some friends of hers who could not get over the strong resemblance

between us. I asked them to call her to see if she would want to meet me. She told

them she did not. I wrote a letter to her, included many pictures and gave it to one of

the girlfriends to hold onto should she ever want it. I returned to MI and tried to close that

chapter in my life.

I married two years later and found out that we could not conceive. We went through

IVF twice and were attempting it a third time when I was punctured during a routine

test that x-rayed the tubes. This ordeal nearly claimed my life and I was in the hospital for 17

days. Emergency surgery needed to be done and I ended up losing one tube and one ovary.

I never felt that adoption was a choice for me because of what I had personally

experienced. I was filled with such an emptiness that I reached out to that which was

closest in my life-God. I asked Him to help me heal that part of my life and to help me

let go of the anger and hurt I felt over the relinquishment of my birth daughter. I

prayed that for eighteen months and He answered my prayers, when one day I woke

up and knew I could adopt and for all the right reasons.

We researched different countries, adoption agencies and attended meetings and

picnics of families that had adopted. Our home study was done in MI through Morning

Star Adoption Agency who were kind and helpful. We went direct with an agency in

Guatemala called Casa Quivira that could not have been more wonderful. They

guided us through each step of the way and encouraged us to come down and visit

their facility. We went when our daughter was eight weeks old and saw a bright and

cheery home that was extremely clean. The nannies, Dr. and complete staff were

friendly and loving and the babies had excellent care. When you left and felt like your

heart was breaking to be leaving your baby behind, you at least had the knowing that

your baby was loved and being well taken of. We finally got to bring our baby Sophia,

home in December 2000 when she was 5-½ months old. This child of mine fills my

heart with such love and completion that at times it’s overwhelming.

My birth daughter did get in touch with me thanks to the friend that held onto the

letter. We have been in touch with each other since 1993 and we met for the first time
in 1997. I have been to CA to visit her many times and she has been to MI to visit me

and her “sister”. Our relationship grows stronger every year and I am so grateful for it.

I have since divorced and am now adopting again from Casa Quivira, this time as a

single mom. I am waiting for a little sister for Sophia!

My journey through giving birth and adoption led me to begin a company called ‘The

Precious Baby Doll Company‘--Adopt a Baby From Around the World. It’s about

celebrating the beauty of one’s heritage and bringing love and happiness into our lives

through adoption. There is a book for each child telling about her birth land, traditions

and customs and coming to her new home. There is a clothing line and accessories for

each doll. These dolls are meant for both adopted and biological children. Ask

your child from what country they would want their baby doll to come from with no

persuasion from you. You may be surprised with their answer. We learn from our

children as they learn from us. Our hearts stand open and ready to give and receive

love without any bias or discrimination---much like a child’s. Please visit my website @ www.preciousbabydoll.com .
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Posted by: Mary Beth Wells | 22 Sep 2006 20:00:16

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