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Recycle your mobile


Mobile phones are popular Christmas gifts and so there must be lots of unwanted mobiles floating about heading for landfill. Turns out that 48,000 women farmers in The Gambia would put them to good use as the average wage in The Gambia is £5 per week and mobile phones cost the same as here. But how do we get the mobiles to The Gambia and out of the clutches of landfill? Well publishers Duncan and Susanne Ashcroft of The Environment Times have solved the problem. Thanks to them all you need to do to help one Gambian woman farmer (and save a bit of needless landfill) is pop your mobile into a Jiffy bag and send it to: FREEPOST GREEN GAMBIA. [written by Ian Harris]

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Hippyshopper has a short post on one way to recycle mobile phones. I've got at least two hanging around that I haven't wanted to get rid of because they'd just end up in landfill. I think they'll be going in a bag marked FREEPOST GREEN GAMBIA instead... [Read More]

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