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Age of Aquarius

Water_powered_clock_1Batteries annoy me.  They cost a lot, don't work for very long, and disposing of them is hit and miss (if you want to do it right).  Someone, however, has been looking out for me.  ThinkGeek has amazing water-powered clocks that require no batteries at all, just some form of liquid (water is preferred).  One clock has a place for flowers, and another has a built in alarm, countdown timer and thermometer.  If you're thinking that topping up the water for something like that to keep it running is more of a pain than batteries, fear not.  Fill the reservoir and the water lasts for longer than most Hollywood marriages.   And for you sunlight deprived office workers, there's a water-powered calculator as well. [Elana]

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Intrepid Travellers

CatalogueIntrepid Travel is a unique company that truly believes in the "Take Only Memories, Leave Only Footprints" model.   However, the footprints they leave behind directly benefit the villages seen in their tours.  Using only local resources like minibuses, family-run hotels and tiny restaurants, the small tour groups of no more than 12 people can support the inhabitants while getting a better feel for the area they are visiting.  Their brochure lists trips all over the world with varying levels of luxury, from backpacker up to premium and tour types include expedition, gourmet, and family. Intrepid has also created the Intrepid Foundation who work with groups like Spring Bud Plan, helping Chinese girls return to school; KOTO, providing vocational training for former street children in Vietnam; and Braille Without Borders, rehabilitating and training blind Tibetan children. [Elana]

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Grab your seat belt

Sparkability_1874_1115316Adam has mentioned the reuse of seatbelts before, but seatbelts and diaper bags are not something that would normally go together. But Sparkability has funky diaper bags made out of seat belts that just blow my mind.  And I would be fine with just the bag (even if it is US$165), but a changing pad, water resistant laundry bag and a key hook are all included.  There's even enough room for an extra change of clothes or a blankie, without looking like you're about to ascend Everest.  Comes in 4 colors (red, pink, blue, black). [Elana]

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Easy, reusable chopsticks

A951Chopsticks are incredibly versatile: cooking, eating, and picking flies out of the air are the main uses.  Unfortunately, disposable wooden chopsticks have deforested a huge amount of land around the world.  And metal chopsticks have a drawback, as they can be too slippery to hold the food.  Plus, learning to use chopsticks can really cramp your hands.  But these £8 plastic beginner chopsticks fit the bill. They're pretty much foolproof. My four year old has been using them since he started eating sushi two years ago. Reusable is the key here, plus they're dishwasher safe.  Personally, I'm getting the Shamu looking one. [Elana]   

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Chocs for the New Year

Booja_boojaThe binge that is Christmas is now half over, and as we look forward to the New Year's Eve celebrations, champagne is top of most lists.  Chocolates are on there as well, but a little lower down. But what if you could combine the two? Booja Booja makes Champagne Truffles, some of the best chocolates I've ever enjoyed - dense, rich and with bubbles you can taste. They're organic, dairy-, wheat-, GMO- and gluten-free and vegan.  Plus the Luxury Gift Box - an award winner for design - is decorated by artists from Kashmir, bringing money to an area that desperately needs help. Available for £6 from The Chocolate Trading Company. [posted by Elana]

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Festive salutations - see you in 06

I'm downing tools on Hippyshopper until 3rd January 2006, when business will commence as usual. Our guest editor, Elana is going to take care of the site next week, so make sure you keep reading. Thank you, thank you and thank you to all those who've helped support me and Hippyshopper in its first 9 months.

In the interim, cast your eyes over some of this year's highlights:

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The sun-loving, mobile-charging purse

SolarjoBefore the ladies and handbag-wearing men amongst you reach for wallets, stay yourself - the Solarjo solar purse is still a prototype. Happily, Joe Hynek's Louis Vuitton-style number should be a real world product in 2006, and he reckons it'll cost around £170. For those of you quite rightly wondering what the point of a solar purse, it's this - a portable power supply for any gadget capable of USB-charging, be it phone, camera or MP3 player. Sign up for an on-sale email here. [found via Media Guardian]

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Compost-friendly plant pots

VipotsI seem to be having a plant frenzy this morning - anything to pretend it's not pitch black outdoors and the middle of winter - so I'm on the hunt for new pots. Lo and behold, I found these biodegradable Vi-Pots on Green Gardener's site. Apparently they're made from materials 'such as' coconut husks and grain husks; the important bit is that once you're finished with one, you just crush it and chuck it in the composter. Crushing the Vi-Pots breaks the protective glaze that, unbroken, gives each one a five year life. 30 small pots will set you back a tenner, 10 of the large are going for £13.50. You'll have to wait 'til the new year for delivery.

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Solar flower for desk Dilberts

Solarflower2 Before anyone mentions embodied energy or tat, allow me to rush to the solar-powered Happy Flower's defence: it's educational, innit? Charged by the sun, it moves up and down as though in a breeze or - depending on how much you're willing to let your imagination run - as though on a jerky mechanism. Personally, I'd rather receive a bunch of real seasonal flowers, but the Happy Flower's an ideal gift for the Dilbert desk worker who doesn't have time to water a real one. Order today and you'll get it by Christmas. £8 from Paramount Zone.

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Get 20 per cent off at Biome Lifestyle

BiomeRemember the fabulous eco-minded alternative to Habitat I wrote about recently? Well, Biome Lifestyle, purveyor of such fine homeware as these cushions - made from recycled vintage scarves - is offering Hippyshopper readers a 20 per cent discount in time for Christmas. All you need to do is head over to Biome Lifestyle's site, spend some cash and enter the discount code of 2H3G58AB to get your money off.

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