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Biodegradable phones - part II, feat NEC

PhotoFirst, the good news: phones with biodegradable cases have made the jump from prototype to real world product. The bad? This one, the NEC N70i, is currently only available in Japan. Made from potatoes, corn and kenaf, the cute clamshell will simply rot and decompose when you chuck it in the compost. As an added bonus, NEC reckons the manufacturing process uses far less CO2 than your average petrochem-based plastic mobile. There's a good chance of this corn phone - or a similar model - coming to the UK next year, since O2 and Three are both top chums with NEC.

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This is cool! I visit your blog often and found this gadget very interesting. I have mentioned this gadget in my blog referring you.

Its my pleasure to inform you that I have also placed the blog in my 'blogroll'. It would be nice if you too, can provide me with links. Hope this mutual share would help both of us.


Posted by: Irani | 24 Dec 2005 10:03:08

This is a very cool begining for changing the way people relate with disposable devices. I think it is worthy for all interested on this kind of ideas to check out the thesis project of Belmer Negrillo, from May/2004, where he develops a future scenario in which cell phones would be completely biodegradable and how the cell phone could be used to change people's relation with technology, waste and ecological argumentation. The link is: http://people.interaction-ivrea.it/b.negrillo/thesis/mobileseed/


Posted by: Robert | 19 Jan 2006 02:47:50

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