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And 2005's Green Gadget of the Year is... the Voltaic solar bag

Bag_large_1Last week, Hippyshopper awarded Voltaic Systems' solar bag its 2005 Gadget of the Year. Amid the pointed little fingers and cocktails of the Shiny Telewest awards ceremony, the bag did what it always does - attract a lot of attention. So why did Shiny give the rucksack the gong above other greats such as the Freeplay wind-up DAB radio and the Solio solar iPod charger? Easy: it works superbly as a charger and a bag, doesn't require any lifestyle changes and - the cool bit - attracts loads of atttention wherever I go, attracting questions and awe from lorry drivers while I'm cycling and photovoltaic engineers at railway stations. It's a mobile educational tool as well as a smart bag. More info here.

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