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Snow's up - get your eco board on

ArborIt's that time again to throw yourself down a mountain - word has it that Austria and Switzerland are both snowy and open for business - so what better way to celebrate than buying an eco-friendly board? To the best of my slope knowledge, the company to go for is Arbor: it's the only explicitly green board-making outfit out there. Based in the US, it gets wood from 'environmentally-friendly' sources and donates an unspecified portion of profits to charities protecting Hawaii's Koa trees (though there's no FSC badge equivalent to certify the wood's origin, so you'll have to take Arbor's word for it). According to Snow+Rock - whose buyers I know, and they know their boarding kit - the Arbor Element in the picture is ideal for intermediate boarders and above. Time to get practising, eh? £410 to you from Snow+Rock's store. Check out the Respect the Mountain site for tips on green ski and snow travel and accomodation. [found via Snowboard Club UK]

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