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Winter shoes to keep you on your bike

Specialized_buzzsawClocks going back, temperatures plunging, rain coming in horizontally... It's a fair bet that right about now you're on the verge of dropping the cycling commute. But hold those public transport horses. For, lo, there is a way to keep cycling throughout the grey months and it involves getting kitted out with winter clothing. After a breathable and waterproof trio of jacket, trousers and gloves, the next thing on your list will be shoes. These Specialized Buzzsaws aren't designed specifically for roadbikes or commuting and there's nothing especially green or ethical about their construction. They are, however, very comfy, relatively light, warm yet non-sweaty, blessed with a sock-protecting boot design and completely waterproof (I've tried them). Unlike some cycle shoes, they also look innocuous enough to wear off the bike. In the UK, they're going for £80 over at Evans.

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I've tried 'em too and they aren't waterproof. But they are subtle. Unlike everyone's real winter boot of choice - Northwave Celsius.

Si M

Posted by: Simon M | 21 Oct 2005 14:32:52

Also a very nice shoe - I was very tempted but put off by the £100 price tag.

Posted by: Adam | 22 Oct 2005 16:47:52

PS. they seem waterproof for road-cycling (so far). Are you using them for trail biking?

Posted by: Adam | 22 Oct 2005 16:51:56

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