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Solar bicycle light

Solar_power_bike_torchGreen-powered lights on bikes aren't exactly new - dynamo ones lit by pedalling have been around for over half a century - but this is the first time I've seen a solar-powered one. The bulb's a low-power, high-visibility, long-life three LED job and it charges constantly while you're whizzing about via a simple solar panel on the top. There's no quoted charge time, but there is a mention that it'll run for 15 hours continuously. Which is useful if you were planning on doing the London to Brighton bike ride four times in a row during deepest darkest winter. The torch takes standard batteries, so buy Ni-MH ones. It's on sale for a very cheap £20 from Ecotopia.

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Saw your review on the hokey spokes bike lights: do you use them during the day time? Do they provide much visibility during the daylight?

Posted by: Christopher | 25 Aug 2005 17:03:18

Hi Christopher, generally I've only used them at night. In daylight they're no brighter than your average LED light, but because of the flashing patterns they tend to catch a driver's eye in the daytime. So I guess the answer to your second question is 'a little'.

Posted by: Adam | 25 Aug 2005 21:57:53


I was wondering where to get one of those bike solar bike light?please write back

Posted by: ginette smith | 19 Mar 2006 02:22:54

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