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Money-saving, CO2-cutting gizmo

Electrisave_image_1If you've been wondering how much electricity your Sky box, espresso maker and IKEA halogen spotlights are actually using, this is for you. It's the Electrisave -  out in Oz for yonks as the Cent-a-meter - and consists of a sensor that attaches to your eleccie meter and beams your energy consumption via radio to this display elsewhere in your house. The result is a real-time monitor displaying how much CO2 you're burning and how many pennies you're splurging every hour. I like the sound of it - you can fit it yourself - though the £80 price tag's a touch insane and it'll get through 6 AA batteries over a year (use rechargable Ni-MHs).

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If you are a Good energy electricty customer the electrisave will shortly available at a discounted rate

Posted by: Melissa Hardy | 16 Aug 2005 12:46:04

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