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Buy-two-get-one-free on 100% organic body stuff

SpieziaGet moving with those web browsers, people - Spiezia Organics is doing a 3-for-2 sale and it finishs at the end of tomorrow (Weds 31st Aug). Spiezia, as the health and beauty brigade probably already know, is the UK's only purveyor of toiletries with 100 per cent organic ingredients in every single product. Jason, Green People, Avalon and the like use a lot of organics, but not exclusively. I'll leave it to you to decide which goodies take your fancy - there's everything from aftershave and soothing ointments to luvverly soaps - but my fancy's taken by this £12 travel bag. It comes replete with an organic cotton bag - nice. You can order online from Spiezia's site.

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Eat sweetcorn now, save world

Sweetcorn_60And this week's British food of the week is... sweetcorn. Yes, congratulations are due to the humble cob, as this is the best week of the year to eat the yellow veg. That's according to the rather brilliant Eat the Seasons website, which is as literal as it sounds. I could fill a minor dissertation with the virtues of this site but instead I will just say this: it's UK-focussed, features a different food each week, packs in history, nutrional info and cooking tips and is written with authority, flair and simplicity. In short, it's all good. One last note on sweetcorn - this is also the perfect week of the year to get lost in a maize maze.

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Why didn't I think of that #89 - biodegradable sticky tape

SellotapeYou use tape, I use tape. Hell, I'd even throw caution to the wind and bet that everyone in my street uses sticky tape. I mention this because a lot of tape is acrylic and thus - excuse the pun - rubbish for recycling. Sellotape, however, is biodegradable, so you can chuck it in your compost bin/flowerbed after use, content in the knowledge that it'll rot away. Buy your eco-tape for £3 a roll from the WWF's online shop. Or the high street, if you still have one with useful shops like stationers. [thanks to Tom for correcting the earlier version of this story]

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Green cleaning

Orange_groupLemons, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are essential weapons for the 21st century citizen aspiring to save the planet, clean like grandma and ditch evil chemical products. The truth, though, is that I find I end up letting my flat looking like a sty before getting the lemons out. So I'm sticking to squirty plastic products for now. Ecover's the obvious choice, but it's no longer the only one. Earth Friendly Products also has a whole range designed for everything from sink scrubbing to floor wiping, including the £3.50 orange-powered surface cleaner  here. To save me boring you silly, check out the range for yourself at Earth Friendly's website.

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Yesterday's news is today's recycled chair

GuardianchairNeed I say more than this picture already tells you? You've twisted my arm. It's a chair made from old Guardian newspapers by a genius called David Stovell. And it's 60cm high and held together by leather and steel. David will also make Torygraph and Sunday Times versions - you don't need to be a left-leaning Grauniad lover - though presumably the Independent on Sunday edition will be dropped from his range when the paper goes tabloid shortly. This brilliant piece of recycled furniture will set you back £190. Have a look at David Stovell Design (there's a stool and side table too). [found via Guardian Weekend]

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Review: Green Building Bible (2nd edition, natch)

GreenbibleAs you've probably surmised already, this book is a directory-cum-guide for the wannabe green homeowner and brave (foolhardy?) eco self-builder. I've been reading it for the past few weeks picking out info on water-saving, insulation - all the  exciting things homeowners get involved in - and have to say it's a great book for £10. The structure is confusing and overlapping,  the typography is circa 1974 and the writing style can sometimes be either laborious or too jargon-packed for the layman. However - and that's a manor-sized however - the book is filled with an incredible amount of practical and educational eco building info. The book's directory also seems relatively comprehensive and covers most of the UK. Find out more at the publisher's site, Green Building Press.

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Solar bicycle light

Solar_power_bike_torchGreen-powered lights on bikes aren't exactly new - dynamo ones lit by pedalling have been around for over half a century - but this is the first time I've seen a solar-powered one. The bulb's a low-power, high-visibility, long-life three LED job and it charges constantly while you're whizzing about via a simple solar panel on the top. There's no quoted charge time, but there is a mention that it'll run for 15 hours continuously. Which is useful if you were planning on doing the London to Brighton bike ride four times in a row during deepest darkest winter. The torch takes standard batteries, so buy Ni-MH ones. It's on sale for a very cheap £20 from Ecotopia.

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Surf's up for the Eco Board

EcoboardThis here is the Eden Project's Eco Board, the greenest surfboard since wave-riding got caught up in the age of fibreglass and petrochemicals. Unlike the average modern board, this one's made from balsa wood and laminated with a hemp and plant resin. According to Eden, it's so green it'll break down and compost if left to rot. You can't buy one yet - the prototype is designed to kickstart the surf world into making green boards - but you can scope it out for yourself at the Eden Project until 31st August as part of the centre's Full Circle Surf Show. [photo copyright Apex Photo Agency Ltd] [Via Treehugger]

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Bank ethically, save £123 a year

EcotricitySod the ethical benefits of banking with Smile. If you go for its £90-a-year Smilemore premium current account you receive a whole stack of eco goodies and deals that it reckons could save you £350 a year. Here's the how: you get £25 off your eleccie bill when signing up with green power outfit Ecotricity (its new Dagenham turbine is in the photo) plus the equivalent of £150 in annual worldwide travel insurance from Norwich Union and £38's worth of roadside assistance from Green Flag. Yep, I make that £213 too. Minus £90, however, you're still 'saving' £123. The banking side isn't bad, either - there's an interest-free overdraft to £250 and the interest rate is 3.3%, which trashes the high street and most of the net banks. The ethical side isn't bad either - unlike everyone but Triodos and the Co-Op, Smile guarantees your money won't end up being invested in arms companies, contributors to climate change or anyone with a dodgy human rights' record. I should also point out that I've been banking with Smile for over a year - the site is superb and the customer service is very good. Find out more for yourself over at Smile's website.

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Who's who of organic food

Org_dir_coverfinalIf you live in Bristol, Ludlow or Hackney, it's stupidly easy finding shops that sell organic grub - there are loads of them. When Spar's as good as it gets, however, buying organic lettuce can be a bit trickier. Handily enough, the Soil Association produces an annual Organic Directory and the next one's out October 3rd. It covers virtually everything - box schemes, farmers's markets, farm shops, normal shops, farms, B&Bs, mail order, restaurants, cafes - and is divided up by region and county. There's also a UK-wide directory filled with purveyors of Hippyshopper-type products, from health and beauty to clothes and kids' stuff. Bagsy yours from bookshops or the Soil Association shop in October for £9.

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