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St Peter's organic ale comes top of the hops

Organic_ale2_1It's official: you don't need a Twits-worthy beard to drink organic ale. Just last week, the BBC's Full on Food show voted St Peter's organic ale as the best beer in a test versus Budvar, Lowenbrau and Kronenbourgh 1664 Blanc. It came through on the strength of what the expert tasting panel described as a "delicate, clean, crisp, lightly carbonated traditional English ale with a full citrus hop aftertaste." And we all love a full citrus hop aftertaste, don't we? Actually, I do - I've tried St Peters before and it's rather good. You can try this indie-brewed organic nectar yourself by buying direct from the St Peter's Brewery online shop. 12 500ml bottles will set you back £25.75 including delivery. Full on Food is on tonight at 8PM on BBC Two.

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