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Organic Chilean red, sir?

AndesIf you're a dyed-in-the-cork vinophile you probably heard months ago about Andes Wine's new organic reds on the - excuse me - grapevine. Well, the three grapes - Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose and Carmenere - are now imminent, and due on sale EU-wide before the end of July. They're grown at the AguaTierra vineyard in Punitaqui in north Chile, an area renowned for getting twice as much light as south Chile wines and putting out a whole lotta marketing spiel. Try this for size: “We don’t have 'good years' in our valley because there are no 'bad' years, the climate is always the same and dependable with out any frost during the growing season." Apparently the pickers are 10 times happier than those in south Chile, too. I'll post availability info and details on the organic certification as soon as I've heard back from the producers, Andes Wines. Update: the wines are certified organic by the IMO in Switzerland. Andes is still confirming stockist info.

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