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Choc banana bars (justification: they're organic and Fair Trade)

Bananita_1Like bananas? Like chocolate? Join me, click over to A Lot of Chocolates' website and clean out their stock of Bananita bars. They're 100 per cent organic and Fair Trade. The cocoa comes from Bolivia and is refined to a trad swiss milk choc recipe, the sugar comes from the Phillipines and the dried banana centre is grown in a village called Batuva in Brazil. They cost 60p each, so you've got no excuse for ordering anything less than a dozen.

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Window-sill PYO

Hanging_basketsYou know it's the height of the strawberry season when hosepipe bans are in place and Tim Henman's been knocked out of Wimbledon. And you know it's time to go Pick Your Own when you've eaten your tenth punnet of flavourless, juiceless supermarket strawberries. The apex of PYO is, of course, an afternoon spent bent over, sun on your back while piling a basket with enough fruit to see you through a nuclear winter. Failing that, ReadySteadyPick (Kent farm Edward Vinson) is flogging two pots or hanging-basket of strawberries for £20 + £7 delivery. You can choose from the Everest (loads of fruit) or Evie (quality over quantity) varieties. It also sells cherry tomatoes and chilli peppers.

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World's most ingenious vase

Tomek_rygalikMaybe it's because I'm as classy as a Celebrity Love Island refugee that I've previously used pint glasses and jam jars as impromptu vases. Or maybe it's because I'm a vase pioneer - a title I'll have as my epitaph, please - like the RCA's Tomek Rygalik. The clever graduate designer's latest wheeze is a 'vase lid' that converts any water-holding receptacle into a gorgeous, highly individual vase - an ingenious form of recycling that uses what you've already got lying around the house. You can't buy this from ye little shoppes yet, but I'll post some more details from Tomek shortly. Tomek Rygalik's website [currently down].

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Diva-friendly recycled bags

Salvation_twoTake one 1960s' tablecloth, one 1950s' bedspread and vintage earing, one portion of 1990s' fabric, add a leather belt and what do you get? Spotters' badges to everyone who guessed the 'Gallon sack' in the picture. It's just one of several dozen gorgeous, fairly hippyish recycled bags by the insanely talented Margaret Prodanov. This particular handbag can be found in the pint&gallon/cream green flower bag section of her site - and you can buy it for around £80 plus postage. Salvationsacks' website.

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Ultracool ultralight elec bike

FiftyfiftyDown at the RCA graduate show at the weekend I saw a whole host of intelligent eco-minded design - including this electric bicycle project, fiftyfifty. The big idea is that all the motorised parts - 2kg worth of battery, motor, transmission, gearing - are on one wheel, making it lighter than your average 'assisted' bike. Max Wehebrink, its designer, reckons he'll be able to make the overall bike as light as 12kg. He's also planning on offering fiftyfifty as a retrofit for those wanting an extra boost in the morning. It's not for sale yet, but let's cross those cycle-gloved fingers that it goes into production. Max Wehebrink's website.

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Recycled circuit board gifts

CutoutsProducts of the week: Cutout's range of stationery, coasters and mouse mats made from recycled circuit boards. The photo's of the £9 Wire Bound Notebook, but you can also buy a sellotape dispenser, ruler, key ring, business card holder, CD wallet and a whole host of other unique bits from Cutout's website. And that's not all. Oh no. Cutout even makes ranges of gifts out of juice cartons, recycled plastics, plastic bags and recycled paper. The clever buggers.

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Green Building Bible

GreenbuildingbibleIf you're trying to make your house greener, or even going the whole hog and building an eco home from scratch, you're going to need this book. I'm reliably informed by friends that it lives up to its Bible billing, providing an incredible directory of suppliers, materials and information on how to get grants for eco projects. It's now in its second edition, only costs £10 and is backed by impressive reviews at Amazon and here, here and here. You can order direct from Amazon or the Green Building Press's website.

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Share a lift to Edinburgh

Hitchhiking_1No, I'm not suggesting you hitchhike oop north - the British ceased stopping for hitchhikers back in the 70s. I'm proposing you visit the Freewheelers lift-sharing website. It's a rather nifty place for drivers and passsengers to meet, and there are already two lifts on offer to Gleneagles for the big G8 romp. One's going from Newbury, the other's a very cool bloke offering 6 seats leaving from Glastonbury next Wednesday (he's either a local Somerset man or a hardcore Glasto fan). If you're planning on driving, there are several people looking for lifts from all over. It's not only very green, it's also a - potentially - superb way to make some new friends. G8 Gleneagles liftshare page. (thanks, Daniel H)

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Towel down without the chemicals

TowelsLiving a chemical-free lifestyle's a tricky business. You start by buying organic food, then perhaps progressing to organic toiletries, graduating to organic cotton clothes. But towels? Well, seeing as you use one every day - you do, don't you? - it's clearly worth getting towels made from organic cotton. Such as those from the London-based Organic Towel Company. The ones in the picture are two sets of eight, which the Towel Co's currently doing for a bargain-tastic £75 instead of the usual £95. They're made from 550g/m2 deep pile terry towelling and are apparently as soft as a very soft furry kitten. You can also buy them individually. The Organic Towel Company

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Mmmm, moisturiser

Essentialcare_1It's forecast to hit a crazily hot 32 degrees Centrigrade today, so prepare your skin to take a bashing. As well as covering up and lathering on sun lotion (such as this Dr Hauschka one) it's also worth being a modern metrosexual type and using plenty of moisturiser. There are scores to choose from, but this Essential Care Moisture Cream looks a good bet: it's 95% organic and made from macadamia oil, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, rose and water. According to Essential, the macadamia's palmitoleic acid "counteracts the ageing and collagen-destroying effects of free radicals and sunlight." You can buy a 50g pot for £11 from Essential Care's website. It's one of a whole range of skincare products and essential oils.

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