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Give a goat (or a cow, or a camel)

Goat_lrgOxfam's just launched Oxfam Unwrapped, a new online shop full of ethical gifts for spring and summer. As well as the now obligatory goat (£24, provides milk and manure) there's now also the chance to give a cow (£70, more milk) or even a camel (£95, superior milk and White Van for the desert). There's a whole load of other anti-poverty stuff you can invest in, such as school textbooks, building materials and - if you're really digging the animal thing - an entire village farmyward.

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How can you put a price on a life even if it is animal and be able to monitor if it is being treated without being in fear or pain. I will no longer support you for using animals in such a way. This is advertised on a 'hippy' site? If I remeber the 'hippy' era we were all vegetarians and not advertising using animals!

Posted by: Pug | 29 May 2005 23:31:41

Hello. I guess three things from my POV. It's not being advertised - none of the editorial stories are paid for on HS. Second: Hippy just means rejection of mainstream values, not vegetarianism (though I am veggie). Last: I really struggle to see what's unethical about giving goats to developing countries!

Posted by: Adam | 30 May 2005 14:19:55

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