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Ethiscore2Contemplating buying a Moto RAZR this weekend? Maybe you should be looking at a Sagem MY-X8 if ethical investigation site Ethiscore's anything to go by. Today it's ranked the most ethical mobile phone manufacturers - and Sagem's second best with a 9 out of 20 rating to Motorola's 7.5. Top of the pile is Alcatel, which makes cruddy handsets but scores 10.5 on a range of criteria including staff welfare, eco-awareness, links with the military and involvement with oppressive regimes. Siemens comes bottom, scoring a measly 6. Mobile phones are just one of Ethiscore's 15 free reports into product areas including chocolate, trainers, fridges and more. The reports are provided by the long-standing and tres credible Ethical Consumer magazine. [thanks, Ben H]

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