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Wiggly worms work

WormsNope, I'm not going to spuriously pretend that wormeries are something new - though that would be a mighty spurious opening gambit - but I am going to briefly evangelise about them. In my experience, composting is a mysterious dark art that usually goes wrong; a wormery, on the other hand, even works for dunderheads like me. I've had one for 6 months, stuck all manner of (organic) rubbish in it and - voila - there's now a load of brown mulchy stuff for the garden. Two good places to get wormeries in the UK - Wiggly Wigglers and Original Organics (I recommend the £60 Original Wormery from first-hand use). Before you buy one, ask your council if they'll subsidise the purchase. (NB: apologies for the subject lines today - I seem to have gone alliteration crazy).

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