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Water out of thin air

Waterex2This sounds so similar to the food replicators in Star Trek - spot the geek - that I'm almost convinced it's a wind-up. It's a water cooler that apparently makes water from the air - a kind of dehumidifer with a filter. I'm going to suspend my disbelief for a minute, though, to tell you that it's capable of producing 38 litres of water in 24 hours, that it has five filters to make the water taste nice and that it has an overflow protection sensor for when it's full. My favourite boast is that it "provides water much like crystal-like dew only found on mountaintops." If it's real and it works, it's a brilliant idea for places where plumbing's hard to install. It's called the Waterex and is being sold in the UK by Pure Water Technology, who I've asked for a price.

You can buy one in the UK for £1000. Pure Water says one cooler should provide enough daily water for 10 people.

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Does the company say how much energy it uses to create that water?


Posted by: caldini | 1 May 2005 14:15:24


PRODUCE 30 to 10 000 Liters of water per day depending the product chosen !

Range « HOME » : Independant Water dispenser which transform air into pure Drinking Water and can produce up to 30 liters per day of cold or lukewarm or hot water (≤ 95°C) .

Range « INDUSTRIAL » : Independant water Generator with the same process of transforming Air into water with a production capacity of 1000 to 10 000 Liters per 24 hours.

If you wish to contribute in the expansion of our revolutionnary line of products or if you want to join our team as agreed distributor . Contact Us :

ewsciences@netmail.mu ou ewsciences@yahoo.fr

Posted by: ecological water sciences | 24 Oct 2006 21:30:05

If you want a unit that is truly green (eco friendly) you need something which not only produces water from air but does it without any external electricity or fuel and which generates a single waste product cold air which can be used to reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning. If the unit can actually help fight urban heat island effect rather than dumping KWh per day of extra heat into home where a air conditioning system must remove it it would be even better.

Such a unit exists and is called the A2wh (Air to water harvest) night radiant condensation system. It uses a small amount of photo voltaic power to run a microprocessor but most of the power is supplied by the cold of space using the same radiant cooling techniques used to cool spacecraft and billion dollar telescopes.

As compared to electric units the A2WH night radiant system can produce similar amounts of water while reducing greenhouse gas emission such as carbon dioxide by thousands of pounds per year.

The A2WH unit is a bit more expensive with a 4,000 USD price at qty 250 but it doesn't consume any power so it's payback ROI is actually much better. The night radiant system is intended for use in humid environments where the nighttime dew point is within 10F of the ambient temperature so there is not a 100% overlap between the products.

Additional information is available at http://a2wh.com

Thanks Joe Ellsworth

Posted by: Joe Ellsworth | 3 Nov 2006 12:20:36

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