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Very nice vegan Vans

Vans_geoff_rowley_simsIn bygone days, I bought Vans' trainers in the vain hope of looking like a skater dude (I can't board to save my life). These days, I still buy them in an attempt to look like a skater but also because I've discovered all its shoes are made from vegan materials. Whether you're into the vegan thing for the ethics or the green thing - or both for that matter - Vans has some damn fine shoes, and it's just brought out its summer 05 range. I'm loving the gloriously look-at-me Geoff Rowley Slims (pictured - £60 from Kates Skates) but there's also plenty of more cool, conservative stuff like the brown Escobar Espressos. For the veggie shoe-minded, Vegetarian Shoes is also well worth a look.

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Man I love vans and have been looking for some decent ethical shoes...

Thanks for bringing them to our attention...will be buying a pair this week.


ps can't board either but a pair of vans certainly make you look the part...and I love that look...lurve my vans! Namaste!

Posted by: Al | 6 Apr 2005 23:18:12

Not all of Vans shoes are vegan friendly. Just the Geoff Rowley models and some others. Just to let you know.

Posted by: ~Z~ | 13 Apr 2005 04:14:24

what about the grecos?

Posted by: Samantha | 24 Jul 2005 00:20:17

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