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The frugal fridge

Arc6700_ix_openIt's often pointed out that the refrigerator is a home's most eleccie-hungry appliance. Indeed, it's just been brought to my attention again by Whirlpool, which has a bunch of A+ rated - not A++, sadly - white goods due in June. What's not always mentioned, however, is the money and pollution that could be saved: the Energy Saving Trust says we spend £1.2bn a year on refrigeration. When you consider 2002's total household electricity was only £8.4bn, it becomes clear that's a lot of money spent chilling organic juices. Which brings me back to Whirlpool. It reckons its new stuff - such as the ARC6700, pictured - will typically use 25% less power than an A-rated model, thus making it very green. If you're getting rid of an old refrigerator, either recycle it or sell it on.

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