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Green festival gadget # 1

Rotary_chargerI know this wind-up phone charger's old. Hell, you know any gadget's old when it's photographed next to the Nokia 8210, but the festival season kicks off in 2 days with All Tomorrow's Parties and if you're quick you'll be able to get one of these delivered by Friday. For a tenner, it'll give you about a minute of talktime for every minute of cranking - perfect for emergency 'where are you?' calls; not perfect for topping up the battery to max. You can buy it with an adapter that'll work with most phones from here.

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I'd prefer a solar mobile charger, but this wind up one is cool and a lot cheaper. You could give it to kids to restrict the calls they made on their mobile and get them to exercise. [Read More]

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Don't you get to stay in proper rooms at All Tomorows Parties? Surly you could bring your charger along.

Posted by: Jeremy French | 20 Apr 2005 17:04:43

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