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Get Honda's hybrid hero for peanuts

Civic_imaChances are you know all about the Toyota Prius and its hybrid engine. But have you heard of its lesser known Honda rival, the IMA Civic? This 4 door Saloon's been around for nigh on 2 years but I mention it now because you can pick up a secondhand one for a - comparatively speaking - bargain-tastic £10,500. I say "pick up". Of course I mean "pull away in an ultra quiet fashion with its electric motor". Like the  Prius, it has both a petrol and an electric engine, the latter kicking in at low speeds and recharging when you brake. Honda rate the MPG at a whopping 57 - 2 more than the Prius. I've not driven the Civic but the verdict on the driving experience is mixed - Tom, a HippyShopper reader, bought one and says "I've never been a fan of Hondas... but I'm really impressed with it" while WhatCar reckon it's "mushy" to drive. The only other downer is that it looks about as exciting as a night out in Tunbridge Wells, a crime the Prius is equally guilty of.

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