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Downshifting is the new black

DownshiftIf you feel like the weekend newspapers are packed with page after page of downshifting case studies, you're not alone - I'm convinced someone's going around and pasting the same 'escaped-London-moved-to-rural-France' story into all the papers I buy. But I digress. It's National Downshifting Week next week (23-29 April). It's being bigged up by Tracey  Smith (pictured) who packed it all in for - you guessed it - a life in rural France. The Week's website suggests trying organic food, recycling clothes and composting amongst other decent ideas. Tracey also offers this obvious but easily overlooked nugget: "the less money you have to earn to maintain your lifestyle then the less time you have to work". Sounds very much like the thrust of Tom Hodgkinson's next book, How to be Free. Amen to the "less work" bit.

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I am in the middle of a countrywide tour talking about 'Downshifting Week' and the radio interviews I have done, have given me an instant insight to how people feel about their financial and time constraints.

It seems there IS a revolution taking place, with folks striving for a better work/life balance. What's your thought on it all?

Tracey Smith
Creator - National Downshifting Week

Posted by: Tracey Smith | 27 Apr 2005 10:16:56

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