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Beat your water bill

Shower_layer_1I read a week ago that UK water bills had gone up by 12%, but it wasn't until my  bill thumped onto the doormat that reality came knocking. Tightwad and greenie that I am, I'm getting a water meter and an aerating (air-adding) shower installed. Provided you're Cub Scout conscientious about turning the taps off and don't have two baths a day, a meter's virtually guaranteed to save you money. The aerating shower is essentially the Hippyshopper's version of a power shower. It adds oxygen to give the sensation of a power shower but uses about 25 litres of water for a 5 minute shower versus 100 litres for a power shower (according to Mayer Hillman). There are loads of different models out there, so you're best asking your local plumber if possible. If you're buying online and going DIY, Oxygenics' heads are worth a look - you can import them from the States here or on eBay here.

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