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Bagsy some solar

Bag_largeGadgeteers, meet your dream bag. Voltaic Systems' new Voltaic Backpack has three stitched-in solar panels that channel power to a rechargeable (lithium-ion) battery and juice up your Nokia and iPod via a pack of supplied adapters. We've had one of the bags in to play with and have to say we're jolly impressed. First, because it works, although you do need about a day's worth of British spring sun to charge a phone. Second, because the bag's actually quite comfy and not half as geeky-looking as we'd expected. We also really like the fact that you can charge the bag's battery up with mains electricity (provided by a green supplier, of course). You can get one in the UK for $290 (currently about £150).

March 17, 2005 in Green gadgets | Permalink


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