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Plant a wind farm in your garden

Ws_bright_blue_dropletsYes, crazy as it sounds, you can now purchase your very own wind turbine. Compared to its 100ft cousins, Windsave's 10-ft mini-mill is tiny, but it's reportedly capable of cutting the average household eleccie bill by a third each year (that's 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere) . The dimunitive size also means it shouldn't upset the Jones or cut up flocks of rare migrating mongoose. And the techie stuff? Well, as there's no big clunky battery, you can only use the generated power at the same time as the blades are turning - though that should be pretty often in Britain as a 6mph breeze is enough to get it going. The rest: installation is via Windsave' engineers, you need planning permission and the price is £1000 plus a variable install cost. More info over at


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I wish to send you some samples of echo friendly items that we manufacture.

What address should I post them to ?

Sue Dawson

Posted by: sue dawson | 25 Jul 2005 13:42:29

Oh if only it were true, and that local planning departments were in tune with government guidlines and an increasing desire by Joe Public to provide some of our own energy. Over 1 year of battling with our local authority tells me differently unfortunately. I am told by a friend at our local B & Q that nearly 500 of these have sold nationaly in the first week of sales. I watch with interest to see how many will actualy make it through the planning proceedure.
Anyone out there with similar experiences ?.

Posted by: John Coles | 7 Nov 2006 18:48:49

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