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Buy book, save planet and pennies

Savecashandsavetheplan_1Here's a book written by a bunch of people very much after our own heart. As the name suggests, it's a collection of green money-saving tips, ranging from the  familiar (buy lemons for cleaning, recycle, switch to green electricity) to the not-so-obvious (avoid toxin-filled carpets, grow veg, sign up to an ISP with an ethical policy, drive smoothly to avoid excess fuel consumption). It's all written in a non-preachy style and presented in a fairly simple but accessible fashion. The topics cover pretty much every area of life - home, money, work, leisure, activism, shopping. We would suggest rushing out to buy a copy, but the authors would probably prefer it if you checked it out from your local library, bought it second-hand or borrowed it from a friend to cut down on waste. The book has its own website with daily tips.

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