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5 ways to recycle your old mobile

Nokia_3310Like it or lump it, throwing old gadgets into the landfill is bad news for the environment. Since the humble mobile is the world's most frequently upgraded (and discarded) gadget, we thought we'd round up five ways to recycle your old one:

  1. Mopay. This very new service will buy your old phone off you - selling a Nokia 3310 (pictured) nets you £10. You post the phone off. They refurb it for reuse. Mopay donate 10% of the payment to Childline.
  2. eBay. Selling your phone on eBay's best for your wallet, but doesn't help any charities. It's still a far better choice than throwing your phone in the bin or leaving it on a shelf.
  3. Oxfam. Take your phone to your local branch or Freepost it to them. The mobile get recycled and Oxfam receive - on average - the equivalent of a £5 donation from each handset.
  4. Take it back to its shop. The big four networks - Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 - will all accept old mobiles. Their reycling policies vary.
  5. Help a charity of your choice. The Recycling Appeal has links to various charities that you can send your phone to via Freepost. They'll recycle it and get money for their work into the bargain.

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