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Telewest offers online console kit

BlueyonderTelewest's Blueyonder is offering a broadband starter kit to gamers wanting to get their PS2 or Xbox online. For subscribers using a 750k or above speed, the kit costs £30, plus £5 per month (if you're under 1.5Mb speed). For Xbox owners that gets you an Xbox Live Communicator headset, one year's Xbox Live subscription, Project Gotham Racing 2 and a dual connector so you can use console and PC simultaneously. For PS2 gamers it's a PS2 Network Adapter, dual connector and Hardware: Online Arena game. We're slightly curious what the £5 monthly charge is meant to represent in all this though? The hire of the dual connector? Come on!

Simon M

July 23, 2004 in News and previews, Online games | Permalink


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xbox:everybody's dream.
this graphic wonder is a dream machine.
every kid on the block would simply do anything to get one.
it has real cool features beating the ps2 big time.
the microsoft product is a wonder and has a variety of titles to play.
some of the world's best gamers prefer the xbox.
i would rate it 10/10 .
it is the best game console in ages.

Posted by: UTSAV | Sep 10, 2004 12:39:35 PM

I'm in America can i recieve this deal? Is it still effective?

Posted by: Jon | Aug 10, 2004 2:06:51 AM