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29 January 2006

Vintage Robot Comic

Comic Would you pay $19,000 for a comic? No? What about if it had a robot on the cover? You can get one of those for £3.95 in your local newsagent? True, but not one published in 1935 by famous firm DC Thompson. Yes, this 'Adventure' comic is dated 30th March 1935, and its cover star appears to be a robot in a prof's hat giving a good spanking to a human teacher. As they do. "Only a real connisour [sic] of pure vintage comics and those who truly love the art of the Robot would ever dream of pursuing this, the holy grail," says the seller, unsurprisingly considering the price they're hoping to get for it. No bids yet, but there's still a week to go...

(Vintage Robot Comic)
Bid until
Feb-05-06 15:00:00 PST

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