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Laptop Bags for *Ladies*

Knomo1Gemma has foolishly left me in charge of The Bag Lady so in her absence I thought I'd turn this into a laptop bag site. Oh, who am I kidding, the simple fact is, it's the only world I know and rather than do a crash course in Mulberry, Burberry and all manner of other berries, I thought I'd keep it simple. So, without further blathering, here's a round up of the nicest laptop bags out there.

First up, my current favourite, the Knomo Cholet, £150. Make sure you check sizes though - only dainty lady-laptops will fit. Any bigger and your shoulder would fall off anyway.

The Diva women's leather laptop bags are available in black or camel and can take up to 15-inch laptops. I haven't had a go with one of these, so let me know if you have - and what you thought of it. £128 from MacHeaven

Apple PowerBooks get all the best cases. These Marina laptop handbags from Timbuk2 are designed especially for the super stylish notebook. They're $80 in the US but aren't available in the UK for some unknown reason. Apple Store

Life Get Funked's St Germain comes in lightweight microfibre material lined with satin. Looks a bit more sturdy than some of the others, but still rather ladylike. Check the site for where to buy. They seem to be on sale everywhere but the US. Lifegetfunked

And finally, Crumpler's Wee Bee. All the other bags may be nice and female-friendly, but if you've got to do some serious laptop lugging, you need something over shoulder or you'll be crippled before your next birthday. £80.

Right, that's me done. Thank you for your patience. I now return to my usual surroundings. [Katie Lee]

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Hi, the Marina Laptop bag is available to be shipped to the UK. Go here,
and when you check out click on 'Non US customers click here'. Happy Shopping!

Posted by: Teaqa | 31 Mar 2005 10:36:23

very cool bags here!

Posted by: Plastic People | 12 May 2006 14:43:41


Posted by: Plastic People | 12 May 2006 14:45:29

Well i just found some more cute ladies laptop bags at www.laptopprincess.com where they offer free shipping. Although is for US based customers only, i guess if you press hard enough , they may ship to Europe as well , real soon, Well, just wanted to add that to the list of cool laptop bags.

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