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Mutant Trainers...

Jellytrainer Continuing the ‘Jelly Shoes’ theme, we’re well aware that the Melissa ‘Love System’ jelly sneaker has been around for a long time. What we didn’t realise was what a plethora of colours it come in, and not just 'look, you can see my socks' clear plastic. So now if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you put your regular trainers into radioactive waste, you can see! You can even show it off to other people for $30.90. Don’t all rush at once!

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Posted by Aigua Media on February 8, 2005 in High St, Trainers | Permalink


EEK! Boy are these bright. My daughter has a pair that are tan and orange that I got for her about a year ago. I cannot see the fascination with this style but she likes it and it is popular with the middle school kids. I do not think I have ever seen an adult with a pair of these on.

Posted by: tinker | 10 Feb 2005 05:13:01

Uh, socks? You don't wear socks w/ these shoes, they don't look right. Nobody that I know does that;did someone make that mistake and give you something to say about those shoes?

Posted by: Ada | 12 Feb 2005 02:36:02

How can I get a mens pari size 10?

Love these!

Posted by: matthew | 21 Nov 2005 16:58:47

If there was ever such a thing as a fun pair of mens sneakers, those just might fit the bill. They're not at all to my liking, but I can see them on an adult man. I don't think many women can pull of the look those sneakers create.

Posted by: Jean | 19 Oct 2006 10:03:31

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