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Sugar Shoes

SugarSugar are our kind of company. They make what are possibly the two most important things in life. Shoes and cosmetics. And as devotees of their lipgloss we were interested to see what the shoes were like! Their look is cute, girlie and young, with a small range of quirky designs like fluffy, floating flip-flops, welly-esque boots and flats with big flowers on. We like the buckled graphic boots (pictured are daisy and suitcase). The range can be viewed at the website,  and a selection of the shoes are now available in the UK at Office (like these graphics boots for £39.99) and Soletrader. According to our sources, Soletrader is cheaper if you have a branch nearby.

Came straight to this page? Visit Shoewawa.com for loads more shoes!

Posted by Aigua Media on January 5, 2005 in Boots, Flats, High St, Shoe News | Permalink


I love my sugar boots <3<3 They feel like you are wearing slippers, and thats a very good thing.

Posted by: Zoey | 5 Jan 2005 17:16:38

The Sugar Cartier gave me a heart attack.

I. ....... WAAAAAAAANTT!!!! lol....

I NEED to see pictures of other colours, especially red and gold! AHhhH!!

I'm sorry... I spazzed...

Posted by: Ella | 11 Jan 2005 19:01:30

Where can i buy the sugar boots pictured above (the black and white ones with the pink bit?!?!?)ONLINE!!??if you can help please email me at lynz4kieran@hotmail.com.....thanks!!

Posted by: Lynz | 16 Feb 2005 15:34:05

I'm in the same predicament Lynz is in. Those black and white boots are adorable - I saw them in Seventeen and I've been searching ever since. If anyone can tell me where to find them (online or otherwise) please email me at lfritz@carr.org. Thank you!!!!

Posted by: Kat | 19 Jul 2005 03:59:38

Hi! If anyone knows where I can purchase the sugar gold cartier kitten heels can you e-mail me. I fell in love with them when i saw them on vacation and they didn't have them in my size. I definatly have to make them mine! thanks for your help!!

Posted by: cassie | 25 Aug 2005 04:01:59

Hey i really want the new canvass burlap type boots in the same style as the ones pictured but i cant find anywhere that sells them or ships them to england, does anyone know where i can buy them, or the black or black/ white ones thanx, my emails incubus_luvva@hotmail.com

Posted by: Yara | 31 Oct 2005 11:53:42

If someone can please tell me where to find those black and white boots on top...please..i cant find them anywhere just email me at cpeacec@yahoo.com asap thankyouuuuu

Posted by: Chanel | 10 Nov 2005 08:25:54

If anybody knows where to find sugar shoes period pls pls pls email me...... My email is ruby_red718@tmail.com pls holla ASAP ! P.S.- within the 5 boro's pls

Posted by: Yolanda | 1 Dec 2005 04:49:03

I am looking for the Dooney & Bourke boots like these can anyone help me. I want the snow boots not the rain boots. Oh ya these are cute too.


Posted by: Beth | 3 Dec 2005 08:39:14

Go to office for all you shoe craving......espaecailly if you are looking for ''sugar'' boots..brighton is best.x

Posted by: Kiera | 7 Dec 2005 17:27:45

Same question as some people before me... Where can I find, online, the black and white boots showed on the picture? email me at :jessbi@hotmail.com

Posted by: Jessica | 21 Dec 2005 15:05:51

Guys please try this post for up-to-date info on Sugar shoes / boots.


If you comment here I'm unlikely to see it. This information was written a year ago so it's slightly out of date now!

Posted by: Ms Shoewawa | 28 Dec 2005 11:33:25

I am happy to say that sugar boots are great i love wearing them and they have the look i wanted good luck sugar boots and keep making me happy.love Kenndra.Kiss,Kiss

Posted by: Kenndra | 24 Jan 2006 00:38:01

I am also a big fan of the black and white sugar boots shown above, I am desperately looking for them. If someone knows where to purchase them please let me know.


Posted by: Hannah | 26 Jan 2006 19:34:31

hi i would like to know how do you purchase shoes, i see boots that i want by sugar and i can't purchase them, how do i get through?

Posted by: latoya gipson | 2 Feb 2006 18:22:13

im also looking for those black and white flowered boots above... if you know where to find them, please email me!! bloodontherise.itsfollowingme@verizon.net

Posted by: Daizy | 8 Feb 2006 00:15:14

I desperately want the sugar boots with the picture of the kitten and crossbones if anyone can tell me of anywhere online selling them I'd much appreciate it email me at sky_bloo@hotmail.com thank you :D

Posted by: Ninchel | 8 Feb 2006 16:52:10

Sugar boots are sporadically scattered everywhere. In UK keep ur eyes peeled in obvious places such as Office, but I've also noticed them in Qube and original shoe co. Also for any one in manc, uk try jakes shoes on king street.
For those who wanna buy online, check out ebay right now&type in either sugar boots or sugar shoes cos there's some for sale now!

Posted by: Lyndi | 9 Feb 2006 14:20:38

I have an extra pair of the black and white sugar boots(the ones posted on top). They are size 7 US, They are new with box. If anyone is interested you can e mail me.. thanks

Posted by: Joanna | 1 Mar 2006 02:30:58

hi i realllyyy want a pair of sugar boots
the only problem is.... i have skinny legs :(
can anyone who has sugar boots tell me
if they can tighten a lot? as i can never ever
find any boots that fit me and it makes me sad!
thanks :)

Posted by: Jess | 2 Mar 2006 14:50:30

Hey. does any body know where i can buy the black and whites i've been look for them every where and i still cant find them. can you email it to me at ilovegreen215@yahoo.com. THANK in advance. :)

Posted by: Shady | 6 Mar 2006 01:37:04

hey i see alot of people are looking for the sugar boots...well i dont have the black and white ones, but i have some that are brown with blue flowers...they are really cute but i bought them online and they dont fit me...so if anyone is intersted in buying them let me know!!! they are size 8. email me @ brittany.mosley05@stjohns.edu.

Posted by: Brittany | 18 May 2006 05:05:38

i want those people website that sell shoe,sandal,shirt.

Posted by: charles eke | 14 Jun 2006 21:10:46

I live in Australia and I have those black and white sugar boots in a size 8. They don't fit me so I'm going to sell them. I've never worn them and I've still got the box. If anyone is interested email me.

Posted by: Christine | 29 Jun 2006 09:40:04


Im trying to buy a pair of sugar boots but none of the web sites that sell them online will ship them overseas.
Does somebody know what US company will ship them overseas?


Posted by: lorena | 26 Jul 2006 14:05:10

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