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Rewindable Radio

GenusPicture the scene: you're baking rock cakes in the kitchen listening to the Archers* when the doorbell goes. It's the milkman! Come for his daily chit chat that helps to relieve the tedious ennui of the day. But he's early and now you'll never know if the drainage problem in the lower field got fixed in time for the Archer family's annual naked pagan dance of the flames**.

Lucky for you, then, that the Genus PR1 DAB radio exists. The radio is one of the first of its kind to let you pause and rewind live radio, holding up to 20 minutes' worth of airtime in its memory for you to spool back through. It's also got a bog-standard FM radio and a CD player. It'll cost you £149 from John Lewis and the like.

*NB for Americans and other non-UK types: The Archers is a radio soap opera about farming life. It's been going since time immemorial and is impossible to listen to, since it's painfully obvious that the actors are standing next to people tapping coconuts together, and rattling yoghurt pots to produce unconvincing sound effects.

**Which is what we like to imagine happens in The Archers.

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