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Glastonbury Gadgets


Glastonbury Festival is just a few weeks away now, and while we enjoy getting back to nature in the Vale of Avalon, it doesn’t mean we want to turn feral. So to keep your wild weekend that little bit more civilised we’ve put together a selection of the top gadgets to take with you. So whether you’re basking in the beautiful sunshine, or getting trenchfoot in the mudbaths, make sure this year’s Glasto is the spiffiest yet.

Meade Digital Camera Binoculars 2.1MP 


If you’re feeling a little lazy after one too many vegetarian falafels, but don’t want to miss Morrissey’s pained expressions, these binoculars provide an excellent solution. Not only do the Meade Binoculars help you get up close and personal with all your favourite bands, you can also take snaps of them at the same time using the 2.1-megapixel digital camera. 

£199 from I Want One of Those.

Wind Up Torch Radio


This has to be the ultimate Glasto gadget. The wind-up power means it uses environmentally friendly sustainable energy; the radio means you can listen to Annie Nightingale on Radio Avalon; while the torch should help you find a safe path to the toilets through the maze of guide ropes and tent hooks – no mean feat after one too many organic Somerset ciders.

£19.99 from I Want One of Those.

Wind-up Multi Mobile Charger


Just a few years ago you could hardly get any mobile phone reception over at Worthy Farm. If you wanted to meet up with friends you had to plan it very carefully beforehand: “I’ll meet you in the Lost Vagueness field some time on Saturday, ok.” But the service providers have now hoisted up some masts and you can get crystal clear reception – which means Work will think nothing of calling you to ask some pointless question while you’re having a re-birthing experience in the Healing Field.

You can get your phone charged for free while you’re there, but you’ll have to queue. This Wind-up Multi Mobile Charger is far more convenient, and uses only renewable muscle energy to create power. Unfortunately, you’ll be so worn out from all that winding, that you won’t have enough breath left to make any calls. It costs £5.99.


BrightNight Illuminated Umbrellas


While at Glastonbury, it’s important that you make an effort to look as ridiculous as possible, for the entertainment of your fellow festival-goers. Tutus, faery wings, face paints, preposterous hats, beaded hair, and glow-in-the dark jewellery have all been done to death. A Bright Night Illuminated Umbrella, however, will certainly ensure you stand out from the crowd – and keep you dry if (when) the heavens open.

Go up to the Stone Circle at night with your brolly all aglow and you’ll find yourself being worshipped as some sort of pagan goddess.

Available soon from Firebox.

Flycatcher Mark II


The only problem with all these torches and brolly-lamps is that they attract winged creatures. Keep the creepy crawlies at bay with this mechanical Venus Fly Trap. The battery-powered plastic plant uses chemical-free bait to lure the flies in. Once inside, the fly’s presence triggers a sensor, causing the jaws to spring shut and squash the pesky insect. When this happens, the Flycatcher will let out a satisfied belch – although, thankfully, you can switch this feature off.

A brush is supplied to help you clean out the squidged remains (nice).

£19.95 from GirlsStuff.

Text Me Home Dome


Glastonbury festival is a big place, and it seems even bigger when you’ve just spent the past four hours wandering, lost, alone and high on herbal tea, in search of your tent. Well, so long as you can remember what field you are actually camped in, this Orange tent should be your saviour.

All you have to do is send a text to your canvas crib and the Text Me Home Dome will send up a shining beacon to guide you in.

More info here.

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