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Evesham Carbon Free PC


Are you a Carbon Crusader? You can say it with your computer, literally, by picking up an Evesham Crusader Carbon3 PC. For £300, you get the basic VIA C7-D chip at 1.5ghz, which is designed to keep your power consumption down at 20 watts (well under the average light bulb) and also the ambient noise to a minimum. It also comes with 256 megs of RAM and 40 gigs of disk, both of which are so minimal that you'll probably want to spring for upgrades, and a 15.4" TFT monitor. With each purchase, Evesham plants four trees to help offset the carbon generated by manufacture of the VIA chip. However you may feel about tree planting (greenwash? genuinely helpful? somewhere in the middle?) it's a darn sight better than not planting trees. [GT]

Crusader Carbon3 PC [via thegreenguy]

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