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Recycled aluminum foil from Natural Collection


Very sexy, Natural Collection!  We're talking 100% recycled aluminum foil and parchment paper.  Given this stuff is disposable, it's a great place to go reusable.  "Because making recycled aluminium uses a tiny fraction – a twentieth – of the energy normally needed to smelt aluminium from ore, our foil saves emissions and helps the environment, as well as closing the recycling loop!"  So double sexy.  The parchment is good stuff too.

The Parchment Paper is made from unbleached paper with a silicone coating, and avoids the usual chemical compounds found in these types of greaseproof paper. Both these great products come in recycled paper packaging printed with vegetable based inks.    50 sq' of foil or 70 sq' of parchment for £2.95, or 3 rolls of either for £7.50.  [GT]

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We use about a metre of foil a week. Three rolls should last until Christmas.

Posted by: Ian | 23 May 2006 09:48:34

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