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Orikaso's awesome folding dishware


Orikaso makes origami picnic sets out of recyclable super-light polypropylene (which, as I've mentioned, is so good that hospitals prefer it to glass because it contaminates less) that compact down to less than 1cm thick and weigh less than titanium equivalents.  It's intended for hiking, but your average university student might be just as happy to have multi-function dishware that's so easy to sling in the back of their car.  The dish, for example, at £4, isn't just a dish.  It can be folded in eight "listed" uses (plus another handful of "unlisted" uses) depending on how you fold it.

The listed uses are: Deep Dish, Shallow Dish, Chopping Board, Plate, Food Strainer, Spout, Funnel, and Coffee Filter (with filter paper). All that from 1 mm of backpack space... Others not listed are snow scoop, water bailer, buffet scoop (for the greedy eater), hat, lampshade, keys and loose change container, and frisbee.  This is total must-have summer gear - you could tuck away a whole set in your car and be prepared for any emergency midnight champagne escapades.

The dish, as noted, is £4 for one, the bowl (best deal of the lot) is £3 for 2, the cup is £2.49 and the picnic set is £9.99.  Instructions on how to fold them available on their web site.

[Gabrielle Taylor]

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I bought a set of these (the 6 piece picnic set £11.99) from backpackinglight.co.uk and not only have they been delivered the next day, but a Very Nice man rang up to check something on the way I had ordered, and suggested a cheaper way of doing it. That's what I call service. Now just got ot owrk out how to assemble it...

Posted by: Rosie Brown | 27 Apr 2006 13:54:21

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