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Let us be Frank


Frank is an independent - not for profit bottled spring water which gives 60p in the £ to clean water projects around the world. Founded in Bristol by Katie Harrison, all profits currently go to Kothapeta village in India, providing clean water for 2,000 people.The water is called Frank because they are frank about global water problems and aim to raise awareness and help fund solutions. Frank is high quality natural artesian spring water from the Devonshire hills, and by drinking Frank you could be part of positive change. Refreshing. www.frankwater.com (Ian Harris)

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I am a student currently volunteering at an organization in Quito, Ecuador that takes children who have no choice but to work to bring money to their families an opporunity to better their lives, while still helping finance the family. They are given food, healthcare, learning opportunities, and also profesional formation in a trade or art. I am currently trying to commercialize their products abroad so they can work to be self-sufficient. If anyone would like more information, would be interested in buying their products, or know someone or some org. that would, please email me and I would be glad to answer your questions.

Posted by: Anthony Quill | 14 Mar 2006 21:49:29

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