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Adding up the shaker calculator

Shake_calcA phone without a camera is embarrassing these days. So if you're caught with a calculator-less mobile by the fashion police, the sentence is probably a night in the stocks pelted with organic veg and old Nokias. All of which makes dedicated calculators look as hip and useful as cassette walkmans. Still, there are places where calcs are mandatory - maths classes, corner shop counters, secretary's desks - so make sure yours is at least running on free renewable energy. I like the solar and water-powered ones, but this Shake-u-lator is a little different: it powers like a kinetic watch, gaining juice simply by being jiggled. And it costs a Xmas stocking-friendly £10 from Gadgets UK. [found via Treehugger]

November 17, 2005 in Ethical & green gifts, Green gadgets, Renewables | Permalink


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