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Offset your house

MeterNope, not in a financial fashion with fancy Intelligent Finance packages  - I'm talking about the CO2-offsetting, Carbon Neutral Company sense. Ebico, the nice, socially-minded gas and eleccie supplier, has just launched Equiclimate, a service which allows you to offset your home's annual carbon emissions. It works thus: Ebico will buy up the amount of CO2 you use from the European carbon trading scheme and hold onto them, forcing other CO2 producers - factories, businesses etc - to produce less carbon. Apparently the  average UK household emits the equivalent of 4.5 tonnes  of CO2 every year, so you'd currently pay about £70 to salve your conscience and do your bit. Or you could match the UK's Kyoto targets for around £14. Ebico's site also has a neat little carbon calculator so you can get a rough handle on your homegrown pollution.

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