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The eighties: chemistry sets. Noughties: solar sets?

SolarboxMaybe it was just my hometown, but in the eighties every kid wanted a chemistry set for Christmas. I like to think the Solar Box on the left will become a must-have for kids in the noughties, though that may be tricky as it's not available on Xbox, PS2 or GameCube. If you can drag your little 'uns from the telly for a second, however, it should prove a fun yet cunningly edifying winner - the set contains 210 pieces that go together to make a solar-powered plane, solar windmill and solar fan. Yes, I do want one for myself. I just need to think of a nephew to give me justification. You can get yours for £36.50 from Greenshop in the UK. 

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I think you mean "solar-powered plane" ;-)

Posted by: Paul | 5 Aug 2005 12:28:53

Well spotted! Now updated, ta.

Posted by: Adam | 5 Aug 2005 20:48:33

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