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How to die greenly

PromessaWhatever way you look at it, the whole death thing is a bit morbid and crap. Shuffling off this mortal coil can also be a bummer for the environment - all that wood wasted on coffins, chemicals used for embalming and (in London at least) nowhere to put the bodies. So I'm all ears for Promessa, a Swedish 'eco-burial' outfit using tech that sounds a bit far-fetched and Demolition Man. The basic premise is that Promessa freezes your body within a week of death, sticks it in liquid nitrogen (making the corpse brittle), vibrates it (reducing it to a powder), filters out the toxic parts, plonks the powder in a biodegradable starch coffin, buries the whole thing in a shallow grave and waits 'til you become compost 6-12 months later. Plant something in the compost and, voila, you become a tree/bush/tomato plant. The only catch is that Promessa's not actually open for business yet - but it should be ready by the time you croak. In the meantime, one ethical option is to donate your organs to someone else. [thanks, Gabriella]

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There are plenty of woodland burial schemes around that involve your body simply being put in the ground and rotting.

Your own body contains no "toxic parts". The entire thing sounds incredibly un-eco-friendly - using loads of liquid nitrogen, energy etc. for no useful effect. Have you not heard of the natural death handbook?!

Si M

Posted by: Simon M | 1 Jun 2005 09:00:49

Sorry to here that Simon. As a biologist I really did my best. All my life I try to live as ecofriendlily as possible. Liquide Nitrogen is used to make it possible to let the body become soil again. We use it for etical reasons, the body becomes brittle when it becomes very cold, and with vibrations the body falls into small pieces. This way the remains can mulch in the topsoil instead of rottening 6 feet under. This was my way of thinking, I really hope that many understand that it hass a big impact for the environment. My body was bulit from the soil,thrue plants and I thing that we all should return to the topsaoil when we die. Keep up the good work with the important website // Susanne W-M

Posted by: Susanne W-M | 2 Jun 2005 17:50:52

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