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Bagsy some solar - part II

MessengerblackfrontfullWell, what do you know? Solar bags are like buses - you wait an age for one and then two turn up at once. And while this one doesn't accept Oyster cards or have a gaggle of kids causing trouble inside it, it does charge gadgets via solar panels, adapters and a built-in rechargable battery. In fact, Eclipse Solar Gear's solar-powered bags look very similar to Voltiac Systems' dead impressive one. The main difference is that Eclipse's bags are much cheaper at £70+shipping, though the solar panels on its bags  appear to be smaller (and presumably take longer to charge your electronic toys). Eclipse is also about to start flogging a satchel-style Messenger Bag (pictured) in addition to its existing backpack.

April 13, 2005 in Fashion & accessories, Green gadgets | Permalink


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