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Buy book, live greener - part 2

1903919592Following on from last week's book of green tips, we present you this new one: Leo Hickman's A Good Life. We've not read it yet, but if it's anywhere near as funny and practical as his series for The Guardian, it should be a corker. The poor guy basically invited three 'eco auditors' to come round his house each week and rip his consumer choices to shreds - I seem to recall they were particularly scathing about what he had under the kitchen sink.

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Hip hippy-friendly bowls

Cup01_web__175Like Habitat, green stuff and bowls? If you've answered with at least one yes, I reckon you'll be smitten with these eco-friendly bowls and cups (pictured) designed by Tom Dixon. The eco part of the equation is that they're made from some sort of bamboo and plastic hybrid, which is apparently biodegradable, dishwasher-proof and good for at least 5 years - at which point you can chuck them in your compost bin. They also happen to look gorgeous, which - considering Dixon's being doing awesome stuff at Habitat for years - should come as no surprise. They're available in 'speckled chocolate' (read: brown) from the the rather cool Insight Ecostore.

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Organic Tesco cotton for junior

Green_babyGood news for Mums and Dads watching the pennies - Tesco's just started selling babywear made from 100% organic cotton.  The clothes are made by Green Baby, who've been in the business of selling organic outfits to chubby-faced British kids for six years, so it should be good quality stuff as well as cheap. The range is being stocked in 40 stores - see if there's one near you here.

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Yum (organic, frozen, yoghurt)

Yeo_valley_yog_1I've banged on before about how great Yeo Valley's certified organic yoghurts are, so you can imagine my glee when I heard they had new yoghurt coming. And not just any fruit yoghurt - frozen yoghurt. Oh yes. There's not a great deal to say until I've tasted them, except that it's strawberry-flavoured and is currently being stocked by Waitrose for around £3. Should be interesting to see how it fares against current organic frozen yoghurt stalwarts like Rocombe Farm.

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Nike's ethical shoes

Nike_considered_gem_shoeNo, we've not turned into The Onion for the day - Nike really has released a range of greener and more ethically-sourced shoes. It's called Nike Considered, and consists of five pieces of footwear - a boot, climbing shoe, trainer, open-backed trainer and sandals - designed by Richard Clarke. Apparently the shoes are easier to recycle, solvent use is reduced by over 80% compared with Nike’s "typical products" and all the materials are sourced within 200 miles of the unnamed factory. Nike also reckons the Boot, Rock and Gem shoes create 63% less waste than a comparable Nike light hiking shoe. All of which is commendable whatever you think of Nike, but does beg the question: how much chemical crap is it sticking in its "typical products"? And more importantly, why does most of the range - with the exception of the pretty cool Gem shoe, pictured - look so damn hippyish? The boot and rock shoe are on sale from Footpatrol in the UK.

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6 Music goes green

GreendaysYou know a movement's going mainstream when the BBC jumps on board. 6 Music, the Beeb's superb digital station for everything that used to be good on Radio One, has just started a week of eco-minded shows called Green Days. As well as having a dedicated website full of green tips and info, the week's regular programmes are being taken over to discuss everything from organic muesli (the Phil Jupitus show) and Environmental Elvis (Gideon Coe) to global warming (Tom Robinson). The fact that 6 Music's about the only UK music station worth listening to these days - aside from XFM and the odd bit of Radio 3 - is an added bonus. If you're not in the UK, you can listen online.

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Karma-tastic spa goodies

Spa_wisdom_range_16684Personally, we find real-world spas slightly sinister - all those strangers in face masks, white fluffy dressing gowns and slippers. It's all a bit too... institutional. That's not to say we don't like the fancy unguents  and lotions, however, which is why we're about going to tell you all about The Body Shop's new Spa Wisdom range. The green bit is that each of the range's 9 concoctions has one Community Traded (the Body Shop's own version of FairTrade - paying the producer extra) ingredient. The spa bit is that it's apparently "inspired by centuries of spa secrets". There's everything from an Africa spa salt scrub with Community Traded shea butter from Ghana (the most expensive - £14) to a Zambian honey-filled Dreamboat Milk Bath (the cheapest, at £8).

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Moto's biodegradable mobile

BiophoneMeet the biodegradable phone that grows into a dwarf sunflower after you chuck it in the compost. Crazy, yes, but reality over at the Uni of Warwick, where some very clever people have joined forces with Motorola and materials' firm PVAXX to come up with a biodegradable phone case that hides a seed ready for the day the phone gets binned. Obviously, you can only compost the case - the battery and electronic innards have to be disposed of elsewhere. It's at concept stage right now. Until a real world version materialises, try recycling old phones when you upgrade.

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Recycled can art

Big_ben_by_julian_andrews_barcroftmediaWe're going to keep this short in a vain attempt to stop it sounding too much like an ad for Red Bull. London's Truman Brewery has teamed up with the energy drink outfit to put on a free exhibition of mini sculptures made by celebs and members of Joe Public from used Red Bull cans. We justify its inclusion here on the grounds that A) some of the sculptures actually look really good, B) it's a cool version of recycling, and C) all proceeds from the auction on the night go to the homeless charity, Centrepoint.

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Properly bonkers motorised wheel

WheelsurfStopped giggling yet? Then click the pic and get a closer look at this ingeniously insane monster motor unicycle from Holland. There are currently only 50 Wheelsurfs in existence and buying one will set you back around £3100 in Europe but, boy, what a way to get about! From the look of things, the main point is to put a huge grin on your face and attract lots of stares while getting from A to B. Admittedly, it's not the most eco-friendly way to get around as it uses unleaded petrol, but it's certainly better than a big gallon-guzzling car. Get the full low-down on how it works - the secret is two frames, an inner and an outer one - over at Wheelsurf's website.

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